Services and more


45.00 EUR (Per Booking)

We make transfers  to the airport of Malaga and Granada. We also make transfers to other destinations within 60km approximately. The cost is 45€ per room. Don't miss places like Camino del Rey, Granada, Sierra Nevada and many more places. 


15.00 EUR (Per Person Per Day)


We offer the option of dining in our B&B, we prepare food like at home with organic and top quality products. The menu you choose includes three steps


Day's soup




Main Dish*

Curry fish

Chilli with beef

Pork sirloin

Filet of Chiken


Any of the options accompanied with potatoes or rice




Milk rice

Flan with egg

Catalan Cream

Horse Route

75.00 EUR (Per Person Per Day)

Our privileged situation allows us to offer an incomparable environment where you can enjoy horse riding routes in the Natural Park.
We personalize the excursions, attending to the tastes of our guests in order to enjoy the environment in a very different way. We move from the Lodging to where the stable is prepared horses and make a ride of approximately 3 hours to return on horseback to the village of El Acebuchal.

A day of nature, history and traditions of the Malaga goat.

45.00 EUR (Per Person Per Day)

We begin our walk in the village El Acebuchal, as many call it the Lost Village because it was destroyed during the dictatorship of Franco 1950 because the guerrillas took refuge in the surroundings and the guerrillas were sheltered in the village, which is why the order was given to destroy it. We will make a tour of the upper part and then we will walk to the lower part of the village where there are houses rebuilt but there are also many still in ruins. We will continue descending towards the ravine of Acebuchal that belongs to the Natural Park Sierras de Tejeda and Almijara and surrounded by nature we will walk until the field of a family farmer of the zone where we will be taught in this opportunity about the cattle of the malagueñas goats. Entering the field we will go through the cultivation of Mango and Avocado and when arriving we will live an afternoon with the farmer who will transmit us his knowledge on the goats, traditions of the zone and the day to day of his activity. we will milk the goats, we will learn how to make cheese and we will make a tasting of the different cheeses. We will go for a walk with the goats together with the shepherd. When we return to Acebuchal we will do it with the best views of the Costa del Sol.


35.00 EUR (Per Person Per Day)

We made a beautiful 3-hour walk, with stunning views of the Natural Park, the coast and the Village. We will discover places where history left its mark. There are three different options with medium, intermediate and difficult levels to adapt to the taste of the visitor. All the options we leave walking from the lost village El Acebuchal.